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Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I told you last time I posted about the Laughing Pizza event down at the Georgia Aquarium.  We had a great time as a family watching a great mini show from the people at Circus Camp, the Laughing Pizza movie, a live performance, and a meet & greet with Laughing Pizza. Oh yes and getting to watch those super fun beluga whales.


I especially loved how “small” the crowd was at this event.  Although the room was full it was a much more intimate venue than say the Georgia Dome or another arena. It really made for a great time for our family.  Many thanks to Michelle @ Macaroni Kid for providing the opportunity for our family to attend.


The kiddo got to walk the red carpet.


There were lots of great vendors and sponsors of the event. The major sponsors were B98.5 & Shumate, and of course the Georgia Aquarium.


We loved that Circus Camp had performers out in the lobby entertaining the kids while we waited for the doors to open. They also put on a great show for all of us before the movie started. I’ll tell you their show really made me want to runaway to Circus Camp too!




The OMG Booth had a great set up, letting all the guest get their pictures taken with word bubbles containing Laughing Pizza lyrics. So much fun!

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Don’t forget to “like” Laughing Pizza on facebook to score a free download!


After the live performance we got in line to have the kiddo’s CD signed. That was lots of fun and very exciting.


Photo Credit: Laughing


Since our little girl has started walking she thinks she can go anywhere.  I kept her contained most of the time but once the event was over we watched the beluga whales for a while and both kids just loved how playful the whales were.  They’d swim right up to the window and then quickly turn away, make a big circle and come back again. One even pooped right in front of us! All the kids squealed at that.


We opted not to go from the premiere to the aquarium since we had already pushed little girl past her nap time by a couple hours. We love the aquarium and definitely want to go back real soon.


The Ballroom at the Georgia Aquarium is such an amazing venue and this event for families was a great fit.  And if you get the opportunity to attend family event like this it is well worth the money!!

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