Family Fun at Burt’s Pumpkin Farm

Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, October 24, 2011

Last week we had my husband’s parents in town for a whole week which was such a treat! We stuck to our normal routine for most of the week--chiropractor, homeschool, errands, etc. Plus it got super cold last week and I don’t like taking my babies out when it is damp and icky. So we stayed inside most of the week.


Friday Ken took off from work and took us all (including my mom) up to the North Georgia mountains to Burt’s Pumpkin Farm and to an apple orchard. He had heard about the pumpkin farm from coworkers and I had just recently read the review from, so I knew it was just the right place to go.


The morning started out a bit rocky, we got out later than we had wanted, and got some breakfast on the way. We got to Burt’s around 11:30am which was a decent time on a Friday the main parking lot was still half empty and we got a spot right up front.  Since there wasn’t too many people at this point the pumpkin farm was very stroller friendly (YAY).




There were so many pumpkins!! In all sizes and colors! This was the kiddo’s first time at a pumpkin farm or patch.  I had only been to one once before in a church’s parking lot. The kiddo and I were both super impressed with ALL the pumpkins!! Rows and rows of big and small and white and orange pumpkins!




Of course I took a gratuitous amount of photos of the kiddos sitting in the middle of a bunch of pumpkins! Even though it was still super chilly it was pretty nice in the sunshine.




They had a cute little hay stack for taking photos, which we did. Thanks mom for taking these! I was pretty distracted by the cold weather I forgot to take a photo of the kiddos with Ken’s parents. OOPS!




We decided to go on the hayride, I remembered from the coupons are great post that you sat right on the hay, so we verified that there were no seats in the wagons.  This was a disappointment, having brought 3 grandparents with us on this trip 2 of them couldn’t ride the hayride because they would not have been able to get up and down, from basically the floor. However I thought the hayride was the best part of the whole place.  It cost us $5 a person to ride, and I felt it was well worth the cost. The ride was about 20 minutes with lots of scenery and a pretty comfy ride. Baby girl really loved eating the hay HA! At the end of the ride you go past the parking lot and we noticed it was completely full (about an hour since we’d arrived).




After the ride we grabbed a wheel barrel and went to go pick out our pumpkins. We purchased one for each person in our family. I had fun chatting with the kiddo about what attributes he was looking for in a pumpkin: bumpy/smooth, short/tall, orange/yellow, etc. He did a great job finding a pumpkin with in budget (under $10) and that he liked aesthetically.




We loaded up our pumpkins and checked out. I’ll tell you about our adventures at the apple orchard in another post.


Have you ever been to a pumpkin farm? Do you have a favorite pumpkin patch/farm in your area? Share your links in the comment’s I’d love to see what fun you and your family are having this autumn.

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