Weekly Total 1/9–1/15

Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, January 16, 2011

As you may or may not know the Atlanta area got hit with 6 inches of snow and then ice on top of that, the city pretty much shut down for 4 complete days.  We had a hard time getting out of the neighborhood until Friday.


So as a result my shopping either didn’t happen or I pushed my Publix trip into the next week (YAY for Publix sales ending midweek!!) This week was a pretty slow week and I didn’t get out to the store except to Kroger yesterday after our trip to the chiropractor.


That being said I did manage to spend my budget! I scored a tremendous deal on paper towels at Staples the final price was approximately 50 cents per roll!! I had to order 90 rolls….that might be my whole year’s supply (we’ll see), they certainly were cheaper than any Costco sale price.  Recently I had a meeting in the household communicating how we needed to conserve our paper towel usage as I didn’t want to pay the $1+ per roll to Costco anytime soon and we were running low. God really blessed us with this deal.


I spent $55.90 and saved an average of 52.20%





How did you do this week? Were you snowed in like me? I’m gearing up tonight putting together my massive shopping list for next week. I should have quite the long list for next week. Including a bunch of free items too!!

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