One Room Done!

Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, May 27, 2010
Wow it sure has been awhile since I last posted. Mostly I've been super busy with work and moving, and then there is that little distraction of Facebook!

An update on the move: Things are coming along well we had a great group of friends come by on Moving Day to help us get our furniture from point a to point b.  We moved most of our boxes and stuff in the pod. We only had a few outdoor items left at the old house and we picked them up and moved them the next weekend.  We have a good bit of the boxes unpacked and put away, but there still are boxes or projects for every room. Developing a new routine and flow to this house has been one of my top priorities especially in the kitchen I keep running around searching for things and lots of back and forth. I'll get there eventually.

We were able to get one room finished, unpacked, decorated, and completely functional. It's the kiddo's room. The theme hasn't changed from his nursery theme (The Great Outdoors) but new things have been added. One of the cool features that he just loves is that his room has 2 doors one that leads to the hall bathroom and guest bedroom and one that leads to our room and the living room...he calls that his shortcut! So here is your virtual tour of the kiddo's new room!

I must give a big thanks to my mom for all her help getting his room completed.

Through door #1: The sitting area and closet, his stuffed animal head / trophies and his fish basket. The chair was my grandma's and is a new addition to his room a replacement of the rocker from when he was a baby. The only thing left I think is that I want to add a little red striped valance on the window. We'll see if that happens or not.
The stuffed animal heads are one of my favorite things in his room.  We saw them on a trip to the Jeff Foxworthy Store south of Atlanta. I found the wood plaques at Hobby Lobby and stained them ourselves.  The fish basket was another garage sale find and the wooden fish on strings are also from Hobby Lobby.
 The kiddo's bed (rooms to go kids) the bedding is from Target. The dresser I picked up at a thrift store, lamp from Hobby Lobby.

A view from the chair, you can see the two doors into his room.  The wooden owls hanging on the wall are from his Aunts T & R, both brought back from Italy from a couple different trips, they are one of my favorite things. The bookshelf ($8 garage sale find) is a nice shallow shelf perfect for his books and special wooden toys from Santa and mommy and daddy.

I absolutely love the scalloped edge on the bookshelf. It is a rough wood painted or stained a red brown color, it definitely has a handmade cabin feel too it. When I found it at the yard sale I learned a bit of the history and turns out it was taken out of the owner's lake house before they glad they didn't toss it because it is another one of my favorite pieces.

My new favorite thing in his room are the ski shelves. Way back when I was preggers and decided on a nursery theme I really wanted to make ski shelves.  I came up with the idea of using log cabin coat hooks (found on the internet - super $$) and vintage wooden skis ($10 yardsale find). I have had these components since before the kiddo was born but never got around to getting it figured out and up on the wall. I was determined to get them up in this room and mom and I did it!  
I'm definitely pleased with how the room turned out and the kiddo very much loves it too!  So that's our first completely done room. Onto the next one...

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