Thanks God for making my day!

Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, November 24, 2009
The last few days of coming to the office I didn't make time to eat breakfast at home. Sticking to our budget I didn't stop and get anything instead I ate a granola bar I knew I had in my desk drawer.  It was decent not too filling but it was soo much sweeter sticking to our budget.  We used to never say no to ourselves when it came to dining out. It was quick and EASY and on the way home from a long day at work we pass probably 50 fast food restaurants. The main road we live off of from the interstate to our street probably has 20 in maybe a mile that we drive on it.  So the temptation is ALWAYS there.  And when we don't plan ahead and pack our lunches or prepare dinner it sure makes it easy to turn into the drive through and spend and get that instant gratification.

Anywho that brings me to how God blessed me.  The last few days I come into the office go to the break room and believe to see donuts sitting on the counter (we have a dunkin donuts right next to the entrance of our office park).  Each day there were no donuts. Oh well I have that granola bar.  Today I spent time eating my breakfast, got to work a bit later than I would have liked but my belly was full of toaster waffles :D.  I asked my assistant if there were donuts in the break room she said no. :( bummer.  Well about 11am one of our vendors came by for a meeting and what was in her hands?? DONUTS & MUFFINS!!!! YAY I was just soooo excited :D I was doing a little dance in my office chair. So now my belly is super full and I've got a big smile on my face.  Sticking to our budget has been challenging but it has also given God so many ways to BLESS us! And I enjoy so much REJOICING in those little things God does to bless me sooo abundantly and to make my day!!!

That's my blessing I wanted to share for today. How has God blessed you today???
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