A new addition to the playroom!

Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lookie at what we found at a garage sale yesterday. A wooden play fridge! We’re very excited because it only cost us $5 (I was reluctant to pay even $5 but my sister convinced me it was a good deal).  I am glad we purchased it I cleaned it up this afternoon and Ken trimmed about 1 inch of the bottom to remove some water damage.

IMG_6664 IMG_6665

I do want to do some work to it like fix the gaps. I thought about painting it?  Perhaps adding some metal sheets to the front to make it magnetic, also maybe some sheet paper for the shelves? Not sure exactly which improvements I’ll make but right now it will stay as is all cleaned up in the kitchen/house play section of the playroom.

Here it is next to it’s kitchen companion. The other piece is from my mom’s childhood and mine.  We played with this as our kitchen for a long time. So cool to have this piece. Glad to add to the collection. I’m sure this will be passed around the family over the years.


Watch out for future posts on this DIY project.

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