Handmade Ornament Inspiration: Paper

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, November 11, 2009
Handmade Ornament Inspiration: Paper

Since Liz 2.0 is hosting the 2009 Ornament Exchange I wanted to do some posts to inspire those of you participating. The inspiration for today is PAPER. We all have it and it's affordable, it's readily available, and it is light weight and easy to ship. Most of all it is VERSATILE! You can use old scrapbook paper, holiday cards from past years, photographs, you could even print out digital scrapbooking papers.  There are lots more ideas out there using paper to craft ornaments.  If you find any inspiring paper ornament ideas share them in the comments please!

1. Toilet Paper Tubes (Family Fun) 2. Paper Bird Ornaments (Famiy Fun) 3. Paper Drops (Family Fun)
4. Origami Wreath (Domesticali shared by Crafty Crow) 5. Origami Stars (Zen Crafting shared by Crafty Crow) 6. Glitter Snowflakes (Martha Stewart)
7. Recycled Ornaments (Martha Stewart) 8. Festive Photo (Family Fun) 9. Holiday Card Ornaments (Martha Stewart)

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