Mini Mountain Vacation: Day 3 (Part 2)

Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, October 11, 2009

After finishing our excursion out this day we headed back to the cabin. Papaw had told Kenny that it was a good ride going left at the flower pot and that it circled around. So Ken decided to go ahead and turn left at the flower pot. ACK!!!  I thought going right at the flower pot was steep.


Maybe in Papaw’s big truck going left at the flower pot is a good idea and probably pretty easy.  In our little minivan not so much!  For a couple moments there I was a bit nervous…okay a lot nervous we were crawling up the road. EEEK that sure was an experience. Mamaw in the middle seat next to Jack and I was in the back seat we both were back there trying to be calm but also expressing our unhappiness of taking a left rather than a right at the flower pot.

There were more cabins along this stretch of road and wow look at those beautiful blue skies!


Once we were back at our cabin it was time to take family pictures. One of the goals for this family reunion was to get some pictures that we could all get up on our walls and in our wallets :D.

Well it’s needless to say I took a gaggle of pictures! Sadly the tripod never made it into the car when we were packing so the self timer was out.  Thankfully Tracy was there to get the picture of the whole family.

So let’s do this.

While everyone was getting changed and ready I just took some fun shots of Ken and Jack. Ken doesn’t have a natural smile :P and now the kiddo’s picking that up too. Can’t say this is my favorite picture but it sure is a blessing to have a decent shot of the two of them.


Jack Cheesing it up for the camera.


Cooper striking a pose.


Papaw helping the big kids play tic tac toe but they just didn’t get it. That didn’t stop them from having fun though.


Cute shot of the big kids.


Took some pictures of Lisa and her kids.


And Tim and his kids. Look at Pman’s face :P he just was not into it.


Next up Mamaw and all the great grands


A silly one of the kids


The Papaw, Grandmacoy, and Mamaw with the grandkids.


The McCoys


Everyone! (Thanks Tracy for taking these shots.)


One of Mamaw and her grandkids


Grandmacoy and Jack-a-mo


I got a few of Jack and his bestest friend, Moosey Moo.


We got a picture of our family (thanks lisa) YAY!!


Phew…man it is hard taking pictures of so many adults with kids who just want to play :D we had the candy out and were bribing away. It worked pretty good. But by this point we were all pretty much done with the pictures. I just was believing God that we got some good ones.

Before dinner Papaw, Tracy, Mamaw, Ken, Jack, and Me all piled into papaw’s truck to go exploring in the new section of the neighborhood. I think Tim & Lisa were packing up their van to leave after dinner.

We drove up to where Ken and I hiked the day before. More steep roads

IMG_6081 IMG_6096

Pretty views taken out the window of the truck.


A little bit of nature.


There was a little park with a bridge over a mini creek, a shelter nestled in the woods. It was a pretty site. Jack cheesing it up a bit more for the camera.


I got a great picture with my kiddo (thanks dad!)


And we got a picture of the whole family together (thanks again Tracy)


A shot of the little picnic shelter.


And a shot down the creek. We would have walked further but because of all the rain the ground was very saturated and we could have sunk in.


On the way back we stopped by a neighboring cabin and walked on their wrap around porch to catch this amazing view! The best one the whole trip. They have to love having that view.


A picture of Jack snapped quickly on the way back to the truck. Just makes me smile looks like he’s got his hands on his heart to show LOVE.


Then a quick look and a smile at mom. I LOVE THIS KID!!!!


When we got back to the cabin there was still some time left before dinner was ready so I got out the bubble pack I had bought for the trip. The kids and I had lots of fun playing bubbles and making a big soapy mess!


Can I just say that bubble pipes ROCK!!! Absolutely way too much fun!


After the bubbling was done it was time for supper! Lisa made some yummy bbq pork we all ate outside and enjoyed the conversation. 

After dinner the kids had fun on the porch swing. Boy did they have fun!! And Pman even put down his blanket to smile really big for us. They wanted to go faster and faster and higher and higher.  Us adults really had fun watching them all giggling and having a blast.


It was time for Tim, Lisa and the kiddos headed home (boo). That meant it was our last night in the cabin, and we were headed home tomorrow too.

Once dinner was all cleaned up all of us adults wanted a rematch of Phase 10. OH MY HOW FUN! The game went on forEVER! We started up stairs in the loft and we kept Mamaw up for a while but she couldn’t stay up for the whole time.


I can’t remember what was said but I do remember that Mamaw said some HILARIOUS trash talk. Rick and Sandy were winning most of the time. Then we moved back down stairs where it was more comfortable and play really heated up.  Guess who won? ME!!! but guess what our scores were? In the 600-800’s!!! That’s just CRAZY!!

And there you have it. Day 3 ended quite late but it sure was a great day!

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