Print Something!

Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Print Something!

So I just came back from
the 2nd DSP Adobe Laptop Crop held in San Jose, CA at the Adobe
headquarters. I have come away from the crop with a renewed energy
towards my scrapbooking.  I also set some new goals and saw some areas
I want to improve in terms of my scrapping.  I want to have something
to SHOW OFF!  A couple of the members brought along some great examples
of their printed albums and photo books. I am always so impressed by
seeing DSP products in print. The pages just pop and the realism is
mind-boggling. I was disappointed in myself for not having a finished
product to show off at the crop.

GOAL 1: Get a photo book PRINTED! 
it got me thinking why don't I already have a photo book printed? I
have tons and tons of layouts but nothing to show off??  One of the
things that holds me up in getting photo books completed is my
perfectionism.  I like to have everything very planned out and in
chronological order. I like to have a clear picture of the theme of the
album with a specific beginning and a specific end. With that criteria
I actually have lots of albums started. I don't scrap in chronological
order so these albums will be open for a while.  I have come up with a
solution in the mean time though.  I am going to get my scrapping
portfolio printed in a photo books.  These books will just be for
showing off at crops and helping me to see my scrapping evolve over the
4 years I've been scrapping. There are NO RULES to my portfolio.  I
will include pages I love and pages I don't quite love yet. I will
include pages of all sizes and pages with a completely different color
schemes will sit right next to each other. As I complete a page in my
scrapping regardless of what album it fits in I will put it as the next
page in my portfolio.  I am soo excited about this!! I am
letting go of the restraints of theme and purpose and just getting
things done.  What will be cool is seeing how my scrapping style and
ability has evolved over the years. Wait until I see you at the next
scrapbook crop I will definitely have something to show off!

GOAL 2: Identify my scrapping style and CELEBRATE IT!
of the comments over heard while a member was looking at Lauren Bavin's
365 album is that her pages all match.  Lauren promptly responded no
they don't and upon closer inspection the pages didn't match.  It
appeared that way because Lauren has a distinct scrapping style! The
next goal I set for myself is really pinpoint what my scrapping style
is.  What do I like what do I do?? If I don't do what I like then LEARN
IT! Once I identify what my scrapping style is then I am going to be
PROUD to be a ______ scrapper!!!  It seems to me if I know what my
scrapping style is I can really find a comfort zone and be more
productive.  Now that doesn't mean I can't go outside of my comfort
zone and scrap something in a different style. Or maybe my style will
change? Who knows!

GOAL 3: Become an Expert!
I think
I know alittle about alot, and that's all well and good but one thing
I've been seeing in myself lately is that I am not becoming an expert
in anything, and I'm specifically speaking of my crafts/hobbies.  So
this goal is to pick something, photography, a scrapbook technique,
something and learn ALL I CAN. Now I don't have to be an expert for
anyone but myself.

GOAL 4: Make the TIME!
I have all
these specific goals related to my scrapbooking and photography and I
get ideas on a daily basis of what I can learn. The reason I don't get
any done or make any steady progress is that I just don't make the
time! So I am determined to set aside time to work on these projects
and goals. I want to get out of the house with the laptop and scrap
away from the distractions that my house provides.  I'm only thinking
1-2 hrs per week of focused self improvement time.

What do you think?? Think I can do this? I've definitely have accomplished more scrapping in the last couple weeks than I have in a long time. Speaking of here is another new scrapbook page completed this weekend:

More pictures from the kiddo's first year. This album is going to get done pretty soon.

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