Learning to doodle

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I saw on Pioneer Woman’s blog a post on Ed Emberley’s drawing books and thought they’d be perfect for learning to draw with my tablet and Adobe Illustrator. I’m not an artist artist so any help in learning to draw things would help alot. Here are some of the doodles I’ve done so far using the books Make A World and Trucks and Trains by Ed Emberley.

A Monster Truck:



A Camper:

camper doodle


A jumping froggy:



A Walrus:


An Alligator:


These books are for little kids but that’s definitely where I’m at with my abilities :P. It was fun to draw on the computer and get more of a feel for my pen tablet. We’ll see if these are just more than doodles and if I can get them on any scrapbook pages.

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