Ain't No Party like a Tea Party!

Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, April 14, 2009
If you follow me on twitter or are a friend on Facebook you have probably seen many posts regarding the out of government over there in DC.  I strongly oppose the out of control spending and inappropriate behavior happening in Washington, DC by the congress, lobbyists, and especially the President.

In the past I've never been "political" I've never really saw why people cared. I just showed up to vote on election day and walked away until the next time. NOT ANYMORE! I am ENGAGED and AWARE of what is going on. I think many people in this country are still the way I used to be DETACHED from the decisions that really do affect each and everyone of us and OUR CHILDREN and our CHILDREN'S CHILDREN!

It's only been a few months since I've become "political" (or whatever you want to call it) and something that frustrated me was the lack of ACTION I felt like there was plenty of talk and criticism of the government and what they're doing wrong but what can I DO about it??? HOW do we change things??? That is until the talk of Tea Parties started circulating around the web I attended my first tea party on February 27th downtown Atlanta on the Capitol steps it was pouring down rain and the whole thing was only put together in 1 week's time but we had 300+ people there!  It was exciting we were DOING something. On that day there were 40 cities that held tea parties and I was there at one!!

photo credit: Kudzu35

There has been a nation wide movement over the last 2 months to hold Tea Parties on April 15th TAX DAY to protest the government spending and mis-handling of our tax dollars. There are now over 300 cities in the USA holding Tea Parties tomorrow! HOW INCREDIBLE!!!!

The focus for tomorrow is to protest the spending, and bailouts, the pork (TAXES) that all of us responsible working, tax paying citizens will be paying for GENERATIONS!!

Interested in finding at Tea Party in your state?? Check out 

Are you in ATLANTA??  Want to attend the Atlanta Tax Day Tea Party? Details here:

Oh and if you're interested in a T-shirt yeah I designed one too:

I hope you will be ENGAGING in what is going on and make your voice heard! Be sure to send me pictures or links to your Tea Party!  And I will be mobile blogging and twittering tomorrow from the Atlanta Tea Party!!

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