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Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, March 16, 2009

I am finally making it a priority to get my son’s baby album (age 0 to 1) DONE!  Yes my child is two and a half years old already and I have yet to complete his baby album.  I think my perfectionism has really stopped me from completing this album. I want everything to match and have a cohesive plan. STOP LIZ, lighten up!  I think having something will be a blessing to him more than nothing right?  I have pages completed that are from here and there but I haven’t started looking at them as a whole album.

I want to get it professionally printed in a hardbound book. I think usually the minimum page requirement is 20 pages, so I’m shooting for 20 (or more) pages. My goal is to have at least one layout to represent each month.  So that’s 12 plus 8 more pages from throughout the year.

Right now this is what I have:

Month     # of Layouts

1               3

2               0

3               1

4               2

5               2

6               0

7               2

8               0

9               2

10             0

11             0

12             0 


Which brings me to my reason for this post I completed a page on Thursday!!! It is from Jack’s 3 week old photo shoot.


One thing I’m finding while scrapping pictures so long ago is that I’ve forgotten the little things that I loved at that age or what was new. As you probably know kids change so fast if you’re not writing this stuff down or documenting it some how you’ll forget that one thing that was SOOO cute one day or week and they grew out of the next, doing something cuter.

I’m not sure where I will be getting it printed I may try out a few different printers and with the extra copies give them to the grandparents, it will also depend on where I can get the best deal to get them printed.

My friend Janet just recently posted about her scrapbook organization and planning and I was excited to see we both were on the same page. Janet however has far surpassed me in her printing endeavors. I hope to have my books look so wonderful as hers.

Do you have a plan for you scrapbooking?? Are you participating in the scrapolution at DSP?  Have you had any hardbound books made do you have a preference on printers??



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