Tackle it Tuesday: The Kid’s Room

Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alrightie I was able to accomplish another tackle today (WOO HOO I’m so proud of myself).  I did Jack’s room and the before pictures are quite scary.  Let me give some background so I can make a good excuse as to why my little boy’s room was sooo messy.

Trouble spot #1 the bottom 2 shelves of the book shelves and the floor in front.  I had a little while ago started to sort out clothes and crib bedding and brought in the winter clothes. Well the tub never got filled completely so it sat there until today. As you can see more and stuff piled on top of it to become a heaping mess!

Trouble spot #2 the other side of the rocking chair and the closet behind it. As you can see the closet is a catch all for the stuff I haven’t either packed up or just don’t have a place for at the moment. This used to be more of a functional space when he was an infant as it was his changing table and stored his clothes until we got the dresser and he moved out of the crib. Then it went down hill from there. I have over the months straightened it a bit.


Okay let’s get to the good stuff the after pictures!!!  I know I’m excited about these because the room looks great now! Ahhh much better the bookshelf is all nice and neat the books are straight and I vacuumed the shelves to dust them.  The fish basket hanging on the side is where we keep his socks :).  We’ll see how long the books stay this way but hopefully for a while.


And now the closet. I feel so much better having tackled this space as it has been bothering me for a while.  I usually clean while he is asleep because he likes to play with the things I’m picking up.  Which was the case today with his books and clothes etc. And another reason I haven’t tackled his room in a while.


Here is his changing table/dresser with all clothes that fit him.  He recently just stopped being able to wear 24 mos / 2 T clothes so there were still some in there that needed to be taken out. Sorry for the bad picture it is a REALLY sunny day today.


And his nicely made big boy bed. I want to hang his fake bear skin rug on the wall above his bed but I haven’t quite figured it out yet as to how I will do that.


Thanks for coming along with me on my tackle.  Have you tackled anything today?

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