Sunday Savings: The Coupon Database

Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, February 22, 2009

While looking through the weekly sale flyer do you ever ask yourself “Isn’t there a coupon for that?”. You kind of remember seeing something in all your coupon reviewing but now you have no clue where you saw it. 


Maybe you have a need for something but you know that you won’t buy it unless you have a coupon, but you have no idea if there is a coupon for that item or even that store.

That is where the Coupon Database comes in.

Coupon Database - Mozilla Firefox 2222009 63403 PM.bmp

For example, I notice in my sales flyer Fruit Roll-ups are BOGO I’m not sure if there is a coupon or not so I head to the database.

As I start to type in Fruit Roll-ups listings already begin to show:

Coupon Database - Mozilla Firefox 2222009 71547 PM.bmp

Let’s Review the search options:

Coupon Database - Mozilla Firefox 2222009 71740 PM.bmp

Value – You can specify the amount of the coupon ie. $1, $.35, etc

Source – Is where it came from, an insert, home mailer, blinkie, printable, etc.

Store – Name of the store

Category – Is the category of the item on the coupon. ie. Snacks, Refrigerated, Baby & Children, Frozen, Health & Beauty, etc.

Expired – You can choose to see the expired coupons should your stores accept expired coupons.


Now let’s look at how to read the results of your search in the Coupon Database.

Coupon Database - Mozilla Firefox 2222009 72313 PM.bmp  
At the end of each description you will find the location of where the coupon was found. In this example the coupon is found in the General Mills (GM) Insert issued 02-08-09.
The value box will indicate the dollar amount first then after the ‘/’ it will show you the quantity of product you must buy to make the coupon effective.  So for this first example you see that the coupon is one dollar off 3 boxes.

Notice our results above show many coupons.  You may have all the coupons listed or you may have 1, 2 or 0 of the coupons listed. The coupon database will let you know YES/NO there is a coupon and where it is found.  Depending on how you organize your coupons will determine how to locate the coupon in your stash.

I encourage you to go check out the Coupon Database, it is a tremendous FREE resource and will definitely aid you in your couponing endeavors.



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