PAD: Things I Love (Days 8 – 14)

Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, February 19, 2009

Here are my photos from February 8th through 13th. Sorry for the tardiness. This is my BUSIEST time of the year at work.


This photo is actually taken on the 8th (go me!) I went on a photo walk with my friend Candace around Historic Duluth.  What do I love in this photo?? The color GREEN.  It is my favorite color and I love how bright and beautiful the moss growing in between the bricks was, I took a few pictures along our walk.

I love how much my son loves his Aunt J.  She is in winter guard at her school and this is her little practice poll and she taught Jack how to properly wave the flag (sorry I don’t know the proper terminology)

I love TOYS! I think I’ve said that numerous times. This is my son’s new foreclosure he got it for a great price.  Grandma and Grandpa actually bought it for him at a garage sale. I had spotted it earlier at the sale but just couldn’t afford the price as we’re on a spending freeze at our house. I wanted to go back to the sale later in the day to see if the seller would come down on the price but I think I ended up going back to work. It needs a bit of fixing up (Clorox) and it will be as good ad new! I especially love it because it isn’t pink (that’s for you honey) and one side is a half wall so it is very open in the back. It also has a grill and that’s pretty manly.


I love the incredible weather we’ve had this February. There have been a few days in the upper 70’s and many days in the upper 60’s and lower 70’s. It has been tremendous to be outside without jackets and not having to deal with pollen or bugs or life threatening heat.  Jack helped Grandpa and Dan work on the yard one afternoon. He sure does love helping Grandpa, especially when some kind of tool is involved.

I love crafting. This was my latest craft project paper heart baskets made from scrapbook paper. I gave these out at work for valentines day.


These are my state binders where I keep all my tax filing procedures and information for each state. I love how pretty they look all in the file drawer (is that weird???). Fuctioning organization is really something I LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Okay this is not a photo I took but one my 2yo son did!!!  I’m loving his photography and he’s loving using my camera.  He is getting REALLY good at it too. I played with a few effects in light room. This was taken on Valentine’s Day at our happy hearts day coffee house, I’m so thankful to have a photo of the two of us from that day.  Read all about my best happy hearts day ever here.

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