PAD: The lost week in January

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The last week in January is a busy time for me at my day job so I was busily working away trying to meet all my deadlines.  I took a few pictures during the week, but not nearly enough.  So I’ve downloaded from the memory card a bunch of photos and picked some to account for each day.

My goofy little boy. Growling like a lion.

This picture was taken by my 2yo son. But I thought it would make a good PAD It isn't that often that I have an actual picture of myself. 

Most of our Tuesdays and Thursdays are spent relaxing at home playing and watching TV.  We sometimes never get out of our pj’s.

We are still trying to get Jack to go potty on a consistent basis.  He’s lost interest in doing anything on the potty. But he does however feel like Moosey Moose should be going potty like a big moose.

There are other days when we leave the house almost all day (except nap time) and run errands.  We usually pick days that are warmer and not rainy. Here is Jack modeling his hat that my cousin becca made for him for Ho-Ho.

The whole month of January I have been working on Saturdays (sometimes Sundays) to make the year end tax deadlines.  I went into work one day and found that someone had stocked the candy jar with lots of chocolate. ACK I’ve been avoiding it as best as I can.

So there is the lost week in January. I feel these pictures were good representations of those days.  February’s PAD posts are all about the things (or people) that I love, watch out for those.


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