Forgotten Photo Friday

Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, February 6, 2009

Back at the beginning of my blogging days I had tried to implement this regularly scheduled post where I would post a photo from a long time ago. Well it didn't quite work out because all my "forgotten" photos were on film and that meant I had to scan them in and that just wasn't working for me :). Now a few years later photos from 2003 are to me old enough to be forgotten and and lucky for you they're digital! I think I will be much more successful this time around. So here is my first photo for Forgotten Photo Fridays

Bianchi Ho-Ho 2003 038

This is me on Christmas 2003 helping to cook the morning breakfast.  This was at my parent’s old house they were in their new house by that same time in 2004. Hmm I guess I had already been married for a few months too! Wow time sure does fly doesn’t it.  What I can remember from this photo?  I remember those pajama pants they were my FAVORITE back in the day…soooo comfy!

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