Sizzlin' Savings Alert

Posted by eisor Tuesday, January 13, 2009
I'm stopping by a little bit early this week to bring a Sizzlin' Savings Alert! I discovered a deal yesterday that just cannot be passed up!

Walgreens currently is advertising a sale for Pepsi brand 12pk soda. The 12pks are $3 a piece. If you spend $15 (5 12pks), you get a coupon for $5 off pretty much anything in the store.

But, what isn't advertised is if you spend $20 (7 12pks), you get a coupon for $10 off almost anything in the store.

So, $21 for 7 12pks. Once you subtract your $10 coupon, you'll spend $11 for 7 12pks. That is $1.57 per 12pk. Soda has NOT been this cheap in a REALLY long time!

No coupons are needed to do this deal! Just go in and purchase 7 pks. There is a coupon machine (called a Catalina machine) next to the receipts. Your $10 coupon should print out after you pay. Sometimes it takes a minute for it to print, so wait around and watch for it.

So, what do you spend that $10 on? Well, you can purchase food, household supplies, vitamins, OTC medicines, toothpastes, baby stuff, holiday goods and much more.

If you up for a little bit of a bigger challenge, you can purchase a "Free after rebate" item from the monthly rebate catalog. Then, you can enter your receipt number online and get a check or gift card (with a 10% bonus) within 4-6 weeks. I will provide more information about this in the upcoming weeks, but for now visit the Walgreens website and the Walgreens FAQ at HCW.
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