PAD: Puzzled

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This is my photo for 01-20-09 this is representative of what my son loves to do right now…play puzzles!

On a side note I am very puzzled yesterday we had a horrible nap and going to bed day. He just would not nap.  Then putting him to bed last night was awful. Constantly getting back out of bed I think 9 times I had to put him back in bed.  I did the nanny 911 method no eye contact and no talking. It played out alot like the shows…at first he thought it was fun then he got upset then he started saying my name and then he just cried a bit and went to sleep.  A tough day but glad today is a new one!

I haven’t taken my 01-19 picture yet because I want that one to be of my mom since it was her birthday. I haven’t had my camera the last couple times I saw her.



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