PAD: Play, Splash, Glow

Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, January 26, 2009

Here are my last 3 PAD’s sorry it took so long to “develop” them.  I’ve been avoiding the memory card just didn’t feel like looking what a came out.

01-23-2009 My husband and son playing. This will have to count for my 1-23-09 picture b/c on that actual day my little boy was not feeling well at all so he couldn't go outside plus it was too cold so this is nice to see the next day he was able to have a great time


01-24-2009 Taken through the windshield during the rinse portion of the automatic carwash. I thought it turned out pretty cool. We went and got the van cleaned after all the rains etc. it had gotten pretty dirty. Of course it has rained or sprinkled overnight so I’m not sure how good it looks today. I thought this looked pretty cool weird and cool.

01-25-2009 Shot of the clouds during last nights sunset. I thought it was pretty. I was on my way over to take pictures at an intermediate class and quickly pulled over and snapped this in the kroger parking lot.


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