Looking back at my 2008 Travels

Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, January 9, 2009

Looking back over 2008 one of the things I noticed is how much I traveled last year.  I flew to Colorado in May to meet up with my sister and drive back to Georgia. I flew out to California to attend DSP's Laptop Crop at Adobe Headquarters. We made a couple road trips up to Ohio, one for a family reunion and one for a funeral. We drove down to Florida to surprise my father in law for his 60th birthday.  Some trips I took by myself and others the whole family traveled together.
I had many experiences where I learned how to better travel and plan my trips more efficiently and effectively. In the past I have used online tools to help me find lower prices on airfare. I've used mapping sites to help plan our driving routes.
Remembering back to my road trip from Colorado to Georgia we stayed at 2 hotels that trip.  They were not nice hotels at all, especially the one in Dodge City, Kansas.  If we weren't so tired and desperate we might have kept looking. I think I slept with my clothes on and never let my bare feet touch the floor. Ick!

Since then I've started looking into sites that compare hotels. I used priceline.com the last trip to Jacksonville and that worked well for us especially with the price if you recall my earlier post about it.
I have recently found a site called hotelscombined.com. I like that they compare prices and hotels accross other search engines.  They're kind of like those car insurance companies who give you the other companies rates so you can see what else is available.  I decided to look into the hotels in dodge city and found it to be very poorly rated. Our travel schedule for 2009 isn't nearly as full as last year but I will be bookmarking www.hotelscombined.com as a resource to use in my future travel planning.

Do you have any big travel plans for 2009?

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