You know I like to save money right??

Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, November 13, 2008

Recently I’ve been trying to figure out whether or not we were using our minutes and if we could reduce the cost of our cell phone bill some way.  Last night I came across in a magazine. 


Today I went to the site and started with their cell phone plan evaluator. 

What was cool is that I already had an online account with my cell phone carrier (T-Mobile) and was able to log in and download my latest usage information.  No worries if you don’t have an online account you can answer a series of questions:


After a few seconds had analyzed our cellphone usage and calculated all kinds of stats:


Previously with my cell phone statement I just couldn’t get this same information without lots of work and calculating and figuring. And they separated our statement by phone number (of which we have 2 on our plan) and didn’t give very clear totals. I loved that I could see exactly how many free minutes we’re using and how many plan minutes we’re using.

After playing around in the statistical results and seeing all the fun pie charts and bar graphs (don’t you just love graphs?? I do!!).  You then get to the money saving part. then suggests to you the best plan out there that meets your needs.’s goal is to save you money so if there is a better plan out there that is with a different carrier it will suggest it.


The results confirmed my thinking that we are able to change our plan to a plan with fewer minutes and save $106 per year!

If you like to save money like I do you should go check out and see if you can reduce your cell phone bill.  Then after that check out their Credit Card Module and see how you can save in that area!  I really hope they open a module for cable/internet/phone services too.

Let me know if you try out and tell me if you can save any money!!

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