Saying good-bye, on the road again

Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, November 16, 2008

We had breakfast at panera bread with papaw and grandma and sat and fellowshipped for a while. We're just getting on the road.

Jack was really well behaved the whole weekend which was a blessing to me especially since his nap and sleeping schedule was so off. We kept getting compliments from strangers and family on how well behaved he is. Wow that definitely makes a parent feel good especially after that incident a few days ago.

This trip definitely was much too short but we packed a lot into it and we felt it was worth it. I think it was a blessing to get away from the day to day for even a short time so we could spend some quality family time together.

We used for the first time for our hotel room and I was very blessed by the whole process. We got our room at a really good rate and the hotel was super nice too! I will definitely be using again.

Anywhooo sure appreciate all you coming along with us on our trip.
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