Our Black Friday Adventure

Posted by Liz McCoy Saturday, November 29, 2008

10:00 pm Thanksgiving Day

I finally got time to review the sales flyers from the paper and online for tomorrow Black Friday.  I didn’t see any great deals on anything we needed or wanted. I had already purchased all the toys our son could possibly need for one day over the last year.  
The only thing I saw was a 750GB HD for $79.99 at MicroCenter.  We decide that after a long day of cooking and turkeying that we’d NOT go out on Black Friday, we were too tired and really wanted out sleep.  Waking up at 4 or 5 or 6 am just didn’t sound appealing, even though that hard drive was very tempting.


A very sound sleep knowing that we could wake up as late as we wanted.


5:50 am
We awake to the sound of our ringing alarm clock??? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The whole house is woken up by the sound of MULTIPLE helicopters flying overhead.

Jump out of bed what is that is there a fugitive on the loose?? The swat team moving in on a tip? What on earth is going on?!?!?!?

After wiping the sleep from our eyes and our minds. We realized today is Black Friday (muwahhahaha) I told Ken, I bet they’re news helicopters headed to the malls quick turn on the news!

Sure enough there were the malls in our backyard on the news.  “Local Mall parking lot at 40% capacity…..50% capacity, surrounding shopping centers are buzzing.  It’s Black Friday Y’all!”


6:00 am

Ken and I look at each other “Wanna go? Aunt Jessie is here to babysit.”

“Let’s GO!”

You probably don’t know this about my husband but he is the SLLLLLOOOWWWWEEESSTTTT getting ready person in the history of earth.  It is amazing how slow he is in the mornings.  Me I’m done with my whole routine, ready to go out the door in 20 minutes or less. 

So this morning I knew there was urgency about getting out the door and getting out there we were technically already late LOL! I kept saying “keep moving let’s go we need to leave in 2 minutes, you don’t need to shower…you don’t need to put contacts in… oh a coat okay sure” Meanwhile I’m tapping my foot impatiently in the passenger seat of the car with the engine running for him.

You may not know this about me when it comes to sales I get really fidgeting and anxious LOL. I just don’t want to miss anything! LOL

6:05 am

A RECORD getting out the door for hubby.  He should get a medal for that one. We’re out the door down the street. I’m calling my sister Rosemary to come meet us.  We’re going to MicroCenter and Target.

6:12 am

We arrive at MicroCenter there is already a line! Ohh honey stop the car!….(((screech)))….drop me off I’ll get us a spot in line while you park.  I get in line there is probably already 80 – 100 ppl in line at the front they’re in sleeping bags and heavy winter coats.  I start making small chit chat with the other people in line.  I read online that they are giving coupons out to the first people in line and you could only get 1 door buster deal per household.  I wasn’t sure that I’d be one of those people getting a coupon being so far back in line.

I thought it was strange that it was after 6 am and the doors weren’t open.  Sister calls.

Sister: “Where are you?”

Me: “I’m in line at MicroCenter. Hey you’re in front of a computer right? What time does this darn store open?”

Sister: “Uh…8 am.”

Me: “WHAT!!!! 8 am?!?!?!?!?!?!?! What kind of weirdo store opens at 8 am on black friday?????”

Ken walks up.

Me: (still on the phone) “This store doesn’t open until 8 am! I don’t think it is worth it. I might not get a coupon then all my time is wasted.”


6:20 am

We all agree.  Ken and I leave the line. We all will meet at SuperTarget.  On our way there Ken wanted to stop for breakfast.  I said absolutely not we’ve got to get over to target NOW! LOL


6:35 am

After stopping at every red light. We make it to SuperTarget.  They’d already been open for a bit and so there was no line and people were leaving with their purchases.  I really wanted a portable DVD player for Jack in the car for our road trips.  It certainly wasn’t a need anytime soon and I was fully prepared to wait to get one.  There was a 2 screen 1 player portable dvd player at target on sale yesterday for $88 I felt that wasn’t a bad deal and that it was worth heading over there to see if they had any left. 

There was one left on the shelf and I got it!! WOO HOO! 

I remembered that Target also had a 750GB HD on sale here for $88 I started looking around…we found a few left. Ken and I agreed it was worth the extra $9 LOL so we we got one!!

It was BUSY BUSY BUSY.  We walked the store a bit to see what was going on…and to wait for the checkout lines to die down.

6:54 am

We were out of there.  We all were having fun, even Kenny! I remember that in the Sam’s Club flyer they said they were offering free breakfast. So we went and go our free breakfast at Sams Club and walked around a bit while we ate.


7:15 am

We were ready for our next store. Ken had been mentioning how he only had 2 pairs of jeans and one of them had a huge hole in a not so nice place and how he’d like to get some new jeans.  I was needing more long sleeve t-shirts too. So we thought what better day to go to Old Navy than today.  We shopped for about 1/2 hour and got Ken 3 pairs of new jeans a bunch of new t-shirts to replace his old ones that I’ve been trying to toss for a year or so.  And I picked up some long sleeved shirts in a bunch of different colors.

7:45 am

Rosie and I headed off to a few different grocery stores to check out their fresh turkey sales. And Ken went home to get ready for his 1/2 day at work.


All in all it was a great Black Friday sale.  We got a couple things didn’t spend too much $$ and mostly enjoyed the fun of being out there together. Hope you all had great Black Friday Adventures too!!!

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