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Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, October 9, 2008
Well I saw this on an blog of friend from way back in the beginning of DSP. You may know her as andyapc now she's the creative junkie.  But I had so much fun on the last meme looking back a few years and remembering how much fun it was finding out I was preggers I'd do this hubby meme to remember way back when dh and I first started.

From Bianchi - Anniversary Sunday HQ 2007

What is his name?

Ken McCoy

How long have you been married?

5 years!

How long did you date?

We dated for 2 years and were engaged for 1.

How old is he?

26 a few months younger than me ;)

Who eats more sweets?

Me! I'm a sugar junkie.

Who said I love you first?

He did.  I didn't say it back right away because I wasn't sure. I knew that I cared for him very much, he was my first real boyfriend I was 18 what did I know about love?  He was sure though.  He'd had past experiences that really showed him it was true love for me.  No worries I did say it :) and continue to say it everyday!  I LOVE YOU!

Who is taller?

He is.  But we're pretty close...especially when I wear heels

Who can sing better?

I don't think either one of us would admit to being a better singer. We're both pretty much hopeless.  We do sing though when it comes to our little boy.  But there are NO karaoke bars in our future.

Who does the laundry?

Whomever runs out of underwear first.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?

I can't remember if we ever had issue with where each one of us slept the only thing we had to deal with was sharing a bed period LOL.  A big adjustment for both of us coming from large empty beds for 1.  I sleep on the right side he sleeps on the left.

Who mows the lawn?

The lawn company :).  The trimming of bushes, and landscaping we do together but he does most of the hard work like hauling mulch and spreading it. I do the fun stuff like trimming bushes with the electric hedge clippers and raking.

Who cooks dinner?

We both do.  I guess I cook dinner the most and he picks it up the most.

Who pays the bills?

He does.  I tried taking that responsibility over but I never really got the hang of it.

Who drives?

He does.  But I backseat drive, so there!!

Who is more stubborn?

Hmm.  Not sure if either of us is really stubborn...anyone want to weigh in on this one for me?

Who kissed who first?

He did.

Who asked who out first?

Hmmm probably him (is that horrible I can't remember?)  We worked together so we'd do more friendly activities like go to lunch together and hang with friends.

Who proposed?

He did. We knew 3 months after we started dating that we were going to get married.  Of course we were YOUNG and just starting college.  We knew our parents would NEVER want us to get married so young.  He got me a promise ring and we dated for 2 years.  He formally proposed to me in the car right before we went to dinner.  OOOH goose bumps! What a special special moment :)  LOVE YOU HONEY!!!!

Who has more siblings?

ME!  He is the youngest of 2 boys and I'm an oldest of 5 girls.

Who wears the pants?

Ultimately he does.  Day to day when he's not around oh yeah I'm sporting the pants.  I'm a control freak but I'm working on that.

I can't wait to see how my friends answer this one so I'm tagging my cousin sarah, my cousin tina, my cousin becca, amanda, margie , my sil lisa, cousin angela...oh and the rest of you married gals....I can't wait to read your posts.

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