A Homemade Super Why Costume

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, October 29, 2008
Well if you read my blog regularly or follow me online anywhere you have to know that my son’s favorite show is Super Why.  Super Why is a fantastic education show on PBS that focuses on reading and learning your letters.  It was this show that Jack learned all his letters at 20 months!  He even had a Super Why Birthday Party a few months ago.  I definitely thought he’d have fun being Super Why for bless ‘n treat this year and he’d probably enjoy playing dress up with it too.
Here is what the character looks like when we met him a few weeks ago:
McCoy - PBS Kids 011
And this is my kiddo in his almost finished Super Why costume:
Jack - SuperWhy Costume 017
We have to thank Grandma B for her labor of love sewing the different pieces.  A couple weeks ago I started looking for green pants and a green shirt.  You would not believe how hard that was. I even was so desperate I was searching the girls department for something anything.  I finally found a kelly green shirt with a print on it which we turned inside out for the costume ($3).  I was telling my friend Christy about how I couldn’t find green pants anywhere. She said I have a pair of kelly green knit pants that her son had grown out of.  THEY WERE PERFECT!!!
Yesterday I went over to mom’s house to start working on the costume (yes I know we’re cutting it close LOL!  We went through her fabric stash and found the perfect blue terri cloth fabric to make all the cape, the shorts, and lined the mask.  We found a old yellow sweater for the yellow belt and a scrap piece of green felt for the mask.  It was awesome not having to buy any fabric for the costume.  So far we spent $3 plus time into this costume!!!
I rewarded mom with a lunch at Pepperoni’s and afterwards we went next door to the thrift store and I found the perfect shoes to go with his costume blue & gree crocs for $2!!  God is GREAT!  So his adorable costume made with love only cost me $5!!!!!!!  What a blessing to save $$ in this economy and still have a high quality costume!
Here is a picture of mom and ds at the dining table getting ready to work:
Jack - SuperWhy Costume 004
Grandma doing a fitting of the cape:
Jack - SuperWhy Costume 005
A close up of the mask, reversible one side green for Super Why one side blue for Super Sleuths (actually first it was lined for comfort but then we realized blue was super slueth colors)!
Jack - SuperWhy Costume 015
I still want to do an iron on transfer or something for the logo on super why’s chest, I need to do his question mark pen, and make a button for the front of his costume on his belt.  Then we’re set!!!!
Do you make costumes too?? Isn’t it fun to recycle, reuse, re-purpose your scraps and found items into fun costumes for your kids?

Check out these cool Super Why items.

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