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Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, August 11, 2008
Here is my overview of the play I saw yesterday in Dallas, GA put on by the Way of Georgia believers. (full list of people will come shortly). It was really incredible to see the Word of God ILLUSTRATED by these believing men and women. You could really see their love for God manifested in their performances.
A military man named Joseph (chandler greene) was on trial for
killing one of the men under his command during a mission they were on.
They had about 4 or witnesses take the stand take the stand testifying
against Joseph and his character. They talked about how they didn't
agree with him or how he handled his leadership role. One mentioned
that he was too "touchy-feely" because he cared for people with Godly
Throughout the trial and during testimonies they would do flash backs
to what really happened. Like when Joseph was given the instructions
by the colonel to go on a mission scouting for information on the
enemy. At the same time he was also given a confidential mission that
was to be kept secret and accomplished on the same mission. He only
shared the confidential part of the mission with the young man, a
fellow believer, Davis (the one that was killed). The men (and one
woman) were instructed by joseph to fire a warning shot if they saw the
enemy. When they were out on mission Davis found something at the same
time a warning shot was fired indicating the enemy was seen. More
shots were fired and davis was killed. Joseph came to davis's side and
held him while saying he was responsible.
Those words were used against him by the other men and woman that he
led on the mission. They all assumed and testified that he was the
person who killed davis because he had stated he was responsible. His
attorney and wife even began to doubt his side of the story after
hearing all the testimony.
Through out the play there were monologues by joseph's wife sarah (liz
greene), and himself that gave details of how Joseph was a faithful
believer who trusted in God to protect, deliver and bless, his life,
his family's lives, and the lives of the men and women he was
responsible for in his position of leadership in the military. From
those monologues we were able to see the character that Joseph had and
HOW he trusted in God and how during his trial and attacks from the
adversary he was still able to minister and build up the those people
around him, like his attorney and his wife.
After hearing much testimony against joseph it was now time for his
character witnesses. His mother testified of his character and how he
was more than a man, and that he had been raised and still believed
that you should stand up for what is right and how he was a great
believing man of God. Joseph was able to recover the instructions he
was given on the confidential mission by the colonel and his attorney
was able to confront the colonel with the information and the colonel
could no longer lie he told the truth. Which was the information that
joseph was trying to locate was so that the colonel could cover himself
and continue on the path of receiving his promotion. It was at that
point that the file was reveal a man who had been on the stage the
whole time but hadn't spoken stood up and said he thought he had what
they were looking for. He was the brother of the man who was killed,
and in the personal belongings of davis he had found this file that he
wasn't sure what it was. It turned out that Davis had located the file
while out on the mission and that is why he was in the line of fire.
It also came out that the colonel had recognized joseph's mother and
realized where he'd met her before. It was his ex wife! Everyone then
put things together that Joseph was the colonel's son who he'd last
seen when joseph was only alittle baby (like 6 mos). The colonel fully
disclosed all the details regarding the secret mission and it was
concluded that the death of davis was a tradgic accident.
Joseph and Davis' brother then bonded at the end discussing how davis
told his brother how much he admired joseph and how davis told joseph
how much he admired and wanted to make his brother proud.
Joseph and his dad (the colonel) talked about how they could now get to
know each other on another level and the colonel apologized for
withholding the information and joseph thanked him for telling the
There were 2 places in the play where there were vocal performaces by
Rev. Royal and another young lady (forgot her name) they sang a
beautiful song.
The flashbacks were greatly executed (in my opinion) you really
understood what was going on and that they were flashing back without
being told "hey this is a flashback!" The lighting effects and the mics were excellent and even really professional.
I'm sorry I can't remember all the names and I probably left out some
details...this is all from memory and without my program it is at
home. But hopefully you get the whole picture. Definitely a 5 star
review from me!!!!

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