Blessed with Rain

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, August 27, 2008

We've been abundantly blessed so far with all this rain from the hurricanes & tropical storms.  You may or may not know that Georgia has been in a drought for the last 8-10 years.  The last 2 years have been pretty serious!!!  Lots of water conservation and not watering lawns washing cars etc.  We've been blessed to have been receiving a bunch of rain the last 3 days from all the storms in the gulf and carribbean. 
One of our main resources for drinking water is Lake Lanier & the Chattahoochee they have been very very low as of late.
(October 2007)

Robin Nelson / Zuma Press file

Perilously low water levels in Lake Lanier Reservoir north of Atlanta is threatening the metro area's water supply.

Chattahoochie in Helen, GA (This is the river we just went tubing on a few weeks ago)
This is most likely on the "long run" that the tubing company offers.  We've only done that once in the 10 years we've been going to helen to tube.  b/c the water is soo low you have to walk your tube most of the way.

So I wanted to let you know that Lake Lanier has already gone up a 1/2 a foot as of yesterday from all the rain.  And here are pictures of the Chattahoochee river in Helen:

Here was the about state of the river when we were going down:  You will see from the slide show that the water is really high and no rocks are showing.  Also you'll see a bridge and the water is almost to the bottom of the bridge.  We go under that bridge!!! WOWZERS!!!



Tubing on the Chattahoochee

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