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Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, May 27, 2008
My cousin posted a question on her blog and gave her reasoning why she blogs. I thought I'd post my response to her post and also further explain why I blog.

I blog as an online scrapbook/journal. I don't write every last thought I have because not every thought is worth sharing with the world. I try to keep things upbeat and positive as that I something I strive to achieve everyday. (it is work but I try)

I agree in part with your webby in that some people may look at blogging as an excuse not to keep in touch with people. However I blog to be less intrusive to people. I don't like clutter in my inbox and sometimes email updates of my son's latest triumph or my new purse organizer (LOL), sent to every friend/family member can become annoying to some. Or I may leave others out who want to be included.

I allow my friends, family, strangers to come and go as they please and get the updates they want when they want them IF they want them LOL. I also love how easy it is to post pictures and videos that some people may not be able to receive in email due to size.

I definitely try to make an effort to communicate and keep in touch with people, however I don't always get reciprocation so again for the reasons above I document and let ppl read at their leisure.

However in opposite to blogging lately I've made a big effort to mail people letters/cards and really establish a new level of communication with my friends that I've lost touch with or another reason.

My motto of late has been to "invest in people". In becoming a better friend I am trying to give more of myself by investing my time, energy, interest, etc in other people.

Well I'd love to hear why you blog...and even why you may read my blog. Just comment below.

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