A Heart of Giving

Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, May 2, 2008
Well I'm trying to get there!!! A man in our branch is a tremendous example of having that heart of giving. He always makes time for others and is the first to volunteer to help out when someone has a need. I look to him as an example of how to give freely, without expecting something in return.

Yesterday we helped move a family in our fellowship from their house to their new apartment. It was such a wonderful time. I certainly got a lot out of giving. Mainly I feel blessed to have been able to give of myself to someone else without thinking of myself.

I love being in that place in my life where I don't feel guilty or burdened down with the work I have to do at home or at the office my mind is clear and available to see beyond myself, and my family. Now don't get me wrong I definitely attend to the needs of my family and myself but I have them in check more often now.

Baby steps!! HUGS!!!

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