Rain Tonight

Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, April 25, 2008
There is forecasted rain tonight!! So we can't set up tonight which stinks...we have sooo much stuff to get rid of (3 families). Yesterday I was able to consolidate our garage to make room from sale stuff to come over.

I need to find my smock so I can get all my equipment ready. I like to wear my price stickers, permanent markers, scissors, tape. So I have it all handy for any situation. Mom usually handles the $$ and I wander around helping people out.

I'm excited....we should clear out a bunch of stuff (junk). We have a goal after this sale to really make some long lasting decisions about what we bring into the house. Somethings we hardly used and found no purpose for when we purchased them....those were the bad purchases. We're okay with the purchases where we've been using them and now no longer need them. Those we'll happily have garage sale after garage sale for.

I'm selling many of my serving dishes. I can't wait to see those go. I don't feel like I've had a chance to go through the whole house so I'm hoping I find a few things today and tomorrow during the sale that I can part with. The bigger the better LOL!!

We've seen great things happen for our friend's garage sale during the POURING RAIN! I know we can have GREAT success as well because God will bring us the exact right buyers!!!

Bless you!

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