How I got Blessed this weekend.

Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, February 11, 2008
Well here are a couple instances where God blessed me this weekend.

1. I was able to go into work on Saturday and accomplish a good bit and also get things in order for me to see what I need to accomplish these next couple weeks.
2. Rosie watched Jack during fellowship so Kenny and I were able to hear the teaching in its fullness. Which was a tremendous blessing to me. Normally I'm half distracted.
3. The teaching was on love and true agape love. Agape love is different than brotherly love or the love between a man and a woman. Agape love is the love of and for God in the renewed mind manifestation. We learned that our love for people needs to be that agape love that is how we live like Jesus Christ and how we love God's children as God loves them.
4. DH and I were able to play outside with Jack yesterday because the weather was beautiful and we did it without distraction or guilt of feeling like we needed to be cleaning or picking up, etc.
5. After playing outside for a couple hours we straightened up the garage and took a load of garage sale items over to the storage. This cleared up alot of room in our garage. I also was able to pack up much of the toys I bought after xmas for jack's birthday and next xmas. I love opening the door to the garage much more now!!!

Well I hope you recognize how God has blessed you the last few days.


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