Productive Thursday

Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, January 11, 2008
I feel really blessed with all I accomplished yesterday while at home with ds. Grandma took him to the chiropractor in the morning which allowed me to work on the dishes and toys then when he got back it was time for his nap so I got a couple more hours to finish putting away straggling holiday decorations and repack our holiday lights adding in the new ones we purchased this year. They're all ready to be put out in the shed this weekend. I got the file cabinet in the kitchen and am starting to plan out the kitchen desk. I really want to get the final design done this weekend and get the supplies/order the counter monday. We need to get that finished in order to get my organizer back over here so we can finish up the filing which had been moved to the garage for the holidays.

My friend Sarah and I are going to the Container Store on Saturday so I can pick up some more containers for storage of toys and stuff. Ack!! I definitely have spent alot of money on stuff after the holidays this year. I found some great toy deals for ds's birthday and even next xmas.

I'm off to work today and I'm confident that I will be able to focus on work and not what I need to do at home, which is what usually happens then when i'm at home i'm all concerned with what i need to accomplish at work...ARGHH what a cycle. I can usually do good at work when I know i'm in a good place at home and haven't left anything undone and the house isn't a complete disaster.

Anywhoo...hugs everyone!!!

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