It's official I can call myself a housewife

Posted by Liz McCoy Thursday, January 17, 2008
Speaking of housewifey..i did the most housewifey thing I've ever done last Tuesday. I was at home and had put Jack down for a nap I was working on the dishes and wearing my house clothes (nice word for pjs) and my apron I wanted to change the channel from cartoons to something a mommy could watch while she's doing housework. So I was flipping through and landed on the Home Shopping Network. They were advertising home organizational products so I thought I'd just see what's out there. They had this thing called the flipfold that folds your t-shirts in a second. Well I started thinking to myself how much I NEEDED that and I was like where's my purse..and then I'm like what are you doing this is sooooo the epitome of don't need that..OH YES I DO!!! So I ran up stairs and quickly googled it to see if it really was a good deal and then ordered it. YEP I ordered came with an adult one and a jr one for children's clothes. Well it arrived Tuesday at my job and I got it yesterday when I went in. And what do you know it totally works!!! We tried it out at my mom's house with Jessie dresser drawers to help organize and straighten them out...we LOVED IT!!!! Anywhoo I'd recommend it! Basically if it doesn't save you a lot of time it atleast makes it more fun to fold shirts, etc.

I didn't get a before picture but I did get the after shot of my and dh's shirt drawers:

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