Santa got a great Deal!

Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, December 23, 2007
Well, We wanted to get Jack a computer type thingy for ho ho this year and I had the hardest time deciding what there is sooo much out there.

1. At first I wanted to get the V.Smile Baby Infant Development System but I thought it might be too babyish and not grow with him enough. Then my sis read me some reviews online and not many ppl thought it kept their child's attention.

2. I had also found the Fisher Price Easy Link Internet Launch Pad which I really really liked but wasn't sure it was the one. The reviews were great. What I love about it is that it will protect your computer when they click that on they can only get to the internet site that the character matches up with and cannot accidently click out or click and delete any of your files.

3. So then I saw the Little Leaps™ Grow-with-Me Learning System / Multilingual which I liked but again it didn't have great reviews. The age group started from 9 mos to 3yrs. Thought that was a bit broad and we should have started him on it younger. I know I'm picky!!!

4. Then I found the ClickStart™ My First Computer it had really good reviews and I liked this one alot but it seemed a bit too old for him so we decided to wait until his 2nd birthday for this one.

So what did we decide??? I thought it through and decided to get the Easy Link Internet Launch Pad (#2) because jack already likes playing on our computer which is why we wanted to get something and most of the others work on the tv. If he liked it we were going to get a second one for grandma and grandpa's computer. Well I was at target when I finally picked which one and it was on sale so I got the Easy Link there fpr 23.99. Well the flyer for Toys R Us this week was showing a sale price of 19.99 well I was disappointed but didn't think it was worth $4 dollars to return the one and get the new one. Then my sister said she had a $5 off coupon for that toy so I decided to go and save 9 dollars it was worth it. Well when I got to Toys R Us the toy rang up 14.99 and then i used my coupon so I got it for $10!!!! So I got a second coupon from Rosie and got the second one at the $10 price so I got 2 for much less than 1 a regular price!!! I hope he likes it :)

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