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Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, December 30, 2007
As you know we started a home organization process and have been purging lots of unnecessary STUFF. In that process we rearranged the living/dining room in our home. We've made more room for Jack's play area and consolidated the furniture to make a more cozy living room area.

I wanted to get a train table (you know the ones that are everywhere right now) but I wanted something more built in and something that would be more than just a train table. So I came up with a design to put a table all across the back wall in the dining room area. We had one design in mind going to home depot but while DH, my dad, and I were there shopping we changed the design and simplified it and we bought all the materials. Plywood, decorative molding and fence posts for table legs, etc.

Well we had thought we'd work on it on Saturday but the day went by too fast and we spend alot of time at Home Depot and then had a family dinner later that evening. So we said Sunday. We ended up playing games with some friends from fellowship after fellowship was over until about 5:15. Thankfully I was able to convince dh that we needed to start it tonight so we could finish up painting it on Tuesday when we both had the day off. We got all the construction done in less than 4 hours. The next step is to fill in all the nail and screw holes and then Paint Paint Paint!!

So here is the before picture:

and here is the after photo from tonight (we just finished at 10:15pm)

I don't think these pictures do it justice. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out!!! I can't wait to get it painted and put all his toys on there so he can play with his little people and his puzzles and legos there is room for storage under there too. Then he can invite some little friends over to really test it out!!!

I'll post more pictures once we get it painted.

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