First Session with the organizer

Posted by Liz McCoy Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Well our first organizing session was yesterday morning. I feel like it went really well. Elaine gave me some really great direction on where to take our mounds and mounds of filing. We pretty much discussed the direction of the Living Room and a couple of pieces of furniture will need to be removed. I also got homework to finish up the paperwork sorting it. We ended up with a large box of shred which was awesome more than I thought b/c we had just gone through most of it a couple months ago when we emptied the office.

We've separated the long-term storage and the current items. The long-term will be stored in the file cabinet in the garage. The current things will be stored in a 2-drawer file cabinet with a small desk either in the Living room or the Kitchen.

Ken and I both like the idea of the desk in the kitchen there is a nice place for it where the china cabinet is. We maybe returning the China cabinet to my in-laws around Christmas time. We'll see. It could also move into the livingroom.

The living room will still continue to be the playroom for Jack and a seating area. I hope to get the home work done quickly so we can have our next session soon. Of course next week is Thanksgiving so I'm not sure if we'll have another session or not.

But over all I think it was a success. Things are magically happening like on the TV shows but they are moving forward and I am in 100 times better shape than I was 2 days ago.

God is Great he really knows my heart's desire to take care of these items so that I can be a better woman, wife, and mother for Him.

Love ya!

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