Scary Loud Thunder

Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, October 9, 2007
Howdy all!
Well we're back from our trip it was a whirlwind.  It is getting more and more difficult for me to get a good night sleep not in my bed. Although even at home it is hard sometimes. 

We met up with my Grandpa and Aunts and Uncle Jim which was a blessing. I got some really precious photos of Jack with Great Grandpa B those I will treasure forever!!  He was having an okay time while we were there mom and dad said he had a more off time after we left.  The place where he lives is really really nice, definitely puts my mind to ease.

I was able to meet one of my online friends & her family...what a treat!!!  I was sooo exhausted and cranky by that time I hope I was still nice. 

Watching Rebecca & Victoria get commissioned was so great!  I was glad our whole family was able to be there for that.  It wouldn't have been the same with out everyone.  Jack's first time in Children's Fellowship was good.  He didn't really know anyone or anything so he ended up staying in the stroller where he was most happy :(  Kind of sad for me because it was his first time ever not being around at least one person in my family.  I'll post some photos here in a second. move onto why this post is titled Scary Loud Thunder....that's what we're having right now....feels like right outside my window.  We desperately need rain and I'm thankful for that...however it would be nice if it wasn't thundering while jack is sleeping!!!

Now onto some pictures:
our family

The It is Written Bridge

Jack Playing on the Playground on our trip to release some energy

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