Party Time

Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, May 7, 2007
Went to a lovely graduation party yesterday...along with dh and ds.  Jack did great....especially for not having an afternoon nap.  He ended up sleeping all the way to 8:15 this I got to sleep in a bit too!! That was nice!

Today is a work day :) but i get 2 days off this week b/c grandma has appointments and can't watch the little one.  I hope to get a bunch done around the house those 2 days b/c i have a friend/client coming over on Saturday to work on her wedding invitations.  Her fiance is coming over also to play video games with dh....although he might be watching the little one at the same time LOL. 

So i think i posted before that we sold our couch, chair and ottoman at the yard sale and we're using lawn chairs down in the den which is getting a bit old.  We went to the furniture store yesterday to price out some recliner sofas...and we found one with in our price range and comfort range (lol) that I'd like to get before the company comes over on saturday...we'll have to check and see how long it will take or if they have some in stock.

Anywhoo...until next time!!!

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