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Posted by Liz McCoy Friday, October 26, 2007
wow...I've got a mess on my hands...I've decided to tackle my address book (on computer) I use Plaxo which I love! It has this neat feature where it will remove duplicate entries into your address book. Well that' is awesome except it doesn't check between folders. So I'm trying to see if there is something out there to better manage my duplicate entries..I might have to combine everything then resort??? Yikes!

In the process I'm trying out Mozilla's Thunderbird their email client i like it and that you can add extensions like firefox...but it does take some getting used to after using Outlook for so long.

I'm definitely missing DH Jack's being good for me though...but it is nice b/c daddy will get up and make the morning bottle for jack and mom can sleep 10 minutes longer :P
I hope he's having fun down there with his parents!

This weekend I need to finish up dh and my costume for bless 'n' treat we're going as Clowns we'll be the clown family :)

I'm hoping to get to take Jack to a pumpkin patch but it is looking more and more like it won't happen we'll see. I also want to sell the computer armoire this weekend too...that would be AWESOME!!

Anywho...I'll catch you later!

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