Oh my I feel good.

Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, September 4, 2007
Okay I've been offline the WHOLE weekend.  Like I wrote before I've been wanting to "clean sweep" my office and that is what we've done this weekend!!!  First we celebrated our anniversary by going to dinner and a movie which we really really enjoyed.  Then saturday we spent most of the morning clearing out the office then the afternoon/evening/night we spend sorting and going through it was exhausting!!  Our friend Andrew came over and helped Ken move the heavy pieces of furniture which was such a HUGE blessing.  Jessie, Kenny and I all worked on the rest.  Jessie was such a big help and since we now have a twin bed in the office she had a comfy place to spend the night.

We're almost there.  I've really purged ALOT I'm sooooo blessed.  We went to Ikea yesterday to pick up a couple things one small drawer cart and some drawer & cable organizers. Saw a few more things to keep in mind once I get everything sorted.

Things are definitely moving forward I'm soooo excited.  I can see an end and I'm loving the way it looks!!!!!  I've taken before pictures I hope to post tonight.

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