Phew! What a whirlwind weekend

Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, August 13, 2007
It was a great weekend...for me it started on Thursday so it was a long extended weekend.  My sister Tori threw rosie a bachelorette party at my house...that was fun and silly.  It was kind of weird being the only married woman there...but of course it was fun being silly with my sisters and rosie's friends.

Friday night was the rehearsal...a fun party put on by rosie's mil & sil.  We had yummy food and great fellowship and bruster's ice cream for desert!! WOO HOO!!

I'm definitely thankful I wasn't going to be center of attention b/c everything I had planned to do for myself never happened...I barely got shaved and out the door.  The first dress I had purchased and was soo excited to wear to the wedding as I was getting dress that morning the zipper broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So i had to go to dress 2 for which i didn't really have any cute shoes to wear so I had to wear my ouchy heels...which looked good but didn't feel good! My legs are still sore.  I never got my eyebrows waxed or plucked so i was a bit scary looking but again I'm thankful my appearance had no real effect on the wedding.  I was only in one or 2 photos with the family.

The picnic after the wedding was fun we took everyone out on the boat and did a sunset cruise too.  Definitely lots of yummy food and great conversation and games were played.  Jack was amazing I think he ended up with only 1 nap on friday and saturday!  so he was running on empty but was still the happy baby that we love....Instead of going tubing on sunday I stayed home and tried to get some rest and prepare for this week where I actually have to work :( LOL....and I tried to get Jack back on his routine too with 2 naps!!

Well hugs to you all sure hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine.


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