a great and crappy weekend

Posted by Liz McCoy Sunday, July 8, 2007

Well let me tell you this morning when I woke up I was just
sooo blessed by all the stuff we’d accomplished Friday and Saturday. I
was ready for another day of checking things off the to do list.

Saturday my mom and I trimmed ALL the bushes around our
house and chopped down a humungo bush next to our front steps…it was just
way way way too big and with out it the yard looks wonderful don’t even
miss it.  We trimmed the branches of a wild little tree bush that was way too
over grown and into the cable wires hanging above.  We also trimmed the side
bushes about 2 feet down and 1 foot in from the side.  We hadn’t done
much lately it wasn’t tooo bad but with all the rain lately if we were
going to trim the wild stray branches we figured we’d just shape them all
upp nice and neat.  Cot the bushes on the other side of the house done.  Kenny
got home and nearly fell over when he saw the front bush was gone by the step…but
it has grown on him and he likes it now. I feel like our house is more inviting
now. We trimmed dead branches off trees in the back yard too. 

We’re getting things ready for Jack’s party coming
up soon.

Saturday my parents came over and helped us put up our
gazebo and move our outdoor dining table and chairs down to it. My parents
rented a carpet shampooer (sp?) for their house from home depot so we borrowed
it and shampooed our whole house yesterday and early this am.  Ken had to
return the machine by 9:45 this morning.

Well  now for the crappy part of the weekend.  On his way
back from home depot some dumb ass decided to pull in front of him and STOP. 
Well he tried to avoid her but ended up running right into her in our NEW
Minivan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (new to us)  Yeah I guess I hadn’t told you all yet about our
new mini van (it is official we’re a family…there is no disguising
it now LOL)  I wanted to take a picture of it but never got around to it.  So
it is pretty messed up put it looks like it won’t need to be totaled and
it can be fixed. It is just frustrating !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I’m back to our little accord ….we hadn’t
sold ken’s truck yet so that will be helpful but geeezz can we keep the
darned idiots off the torad??????!?!?!?!?

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