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Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, June 4, 2007
Well the weekend was great....I got rid of another 2 kitchen sized garbage bags of my clothes. Last week I had gotten rid of a huge 33 gallon garbage bag of clothes.  I've gotten down to the bare minimum of what I actually wear.  I hope to get some new staple items to replace things that just did not fit.  I figure if i get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight i can buy new clothes...b/c hanging on to them was just a reminder I didn't want! LOL

So this weekend I continued in my room spring cleaning.  I cleaned out from under the bed a few lost socks and vacuumed and dusted the whole room.  I even vacuumed the baseboards and corners around the doors, etc.  It felt great.  Finally after 2 years I hung up my framed bouquet from my wedding. I had it hung up in the townhouse but never got around to getting it up in the house.  I like where it is because it draws your eye towards that part of the room that used to be the abyss and you didn't want to look over there b/c that's where all the stuff would accumulate (behind the door).  Oh yeah and I even found matches to all the socks in the missing sock basket and put them away and organized dh's sock drawer YIKES that's scary...hope I'm not being too compulsive...LOL... Anywho...I still have a little bit to finish like moving some artwork from the den up to hang over the bed...and putting away a few more pieces of Jack's clothing and changing the sheets flipping the matress and i will be done!! WOOT WOOT.

Well I'm off to be as productive at work today!!!  HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY YOUR MONDAY AS MUCH AS I AM!!!!!!!!!!!

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