Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, June 18, 2007
What a great weekend.  Friday night I went shopping for ingredients for chicken noodle soup and chili.  I stayed up until midnight that night cooking food for my bil & sil.  They just had their twin boys and I wanted to make them some food I was so appreciative of that after I had Jack.

We went up Saturday afternoon to visit and drop off all the food.  We got to see the babies and visit a bit which was nice and calm...Jack cared at first when I was holding one of them but when I gave him to Kenny and held Jack he didn't care anymore.  He was more interested in the toys LOL.

Ken played golf on Saturday and shot an 88 which as he says was the best game of his life.  So he was flying high the rest of the weekend. 

Father's Day was wonderful.  We had an awesome teaching at fellowship from my dad he shared on relationships.  *Our relationship with our heavenly father *Our relationship with our spouse *Our relationship with our children *Our relationship with the Household of God.  Jack slept practically the whole fellowship so I was able to pay close attention and get a lot out of it.  We had a new family there and they had some beautiful little girls. I think they were really blessed by the teaching as well. 

After fellowship we had a FANTASTIC dinner prepared by Mom and Jessie.  Andy grilled a bunch of meat and veggies and we all feasted on ribs, steak, kabobs, and potatoes and zucchini.  YUMMY.  Jessie made brownies for dessert.  I was too full to have a brownie but everyone enjoyed the whole meal.

Then last night dh and I just chilled out after we put Jack to bed.  It was nice to just relax a bit.  But tomorrow on my day off I'
m really going to have alot to accomplish.  Need to CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN and get some design work done.

Anywho....until next time!!

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