What a day!

Posted by Liz McCoy Tuesday, May 29, 2007
I don't usually post negatively here but I'm just so frustrated and hurt right now and need to vent.  It is a amazing how ungrateful people can be.  I've just been dealing with with people in different areas of my life who are completely ungrateful some love to complain about everything and I work very hard to try and accommodate their needs but when there are many players involved PEOPLE HAVE TO REALIZE everyone can't be pleased. 

It is even more frustrating trying to help people who are ungrateful for your help.  They just negate or don't listen to what you have to say!!  And now I'm wondering why am I wasting my time???  Why should I help people who are so ungrateful???

Ack...makes me not want to give and I hate that because I do want to give....but when do you say enough is enough and those people have to change not you?????????????????????????/

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