Posted by Liz McCoy Monday, May 21, 2007
Yesterday Ken and I went shopping for new clothes for him to wear to work. OUCH!! His new job is a shirt and tie environment and right now he wears jeans and polos. We spend a bundle!! Used a gift card and all our garage sale $$ and even had even had to get into the checking account. Well he should be set though. Everything was on sale a few things a bit pricey but worth it. Now we have to prepare for the dry cleaning bill LOL

It was interesting trying to figure out what the right shirt size is and how slacks should fit etc. A new experience for me, but a new skill I've learned as a wife :) It was funny shopping with Kenny when he is the one who is trying on all the clothes. I'd have to say just try it on see how it fits. I guess that's a guy thing??? He isn't really into clothes shopping but he loves all his clothes??? He doesn't like to get rid of any of them...i guess he realizes if he does eventually he'll have to go shopping again :P.

Anywhoo.....catch you later!!! Have a great monday!

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